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Michele D. Starbuck

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More Client Testimonials:
"I am a business owner and, because of The Search Party, I was better able to make an important decision about my business.  Had I not consulted with Michele, my business would have been in great jeopardy.  Michele and her staff are professional and attentive, they know their business, and work relentlessly on behalf of their clients.  I feel I can sleep at night knowing that my business is protected with the background information/investigation that The Search Party provided.  Ask The Search Party for help solving one problem and you are guaranteed to ask them for help with the second."

- Ted Perlman
                                                                             Business Owner
"I used to live in Colorado and now live on the east coast. When I realized I was going to need to get my divorce decree from back in the 70's, I didn't even know where to begin. Thanks to the referral from the Court to call The Search Party, they took care of finding the decree so quickly. Thank you Search Party staff, you all are truly lifesavers!"
- Sheryl Williams
                        Court Referral